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Mr. Ghai..ab bas bhi karo bhai!

imagesThere is something about Subhash Ghai and his movies. He seems to be trying too hard to get it right but each time he fails more miserably than the previous one.  Yaadein, Kisna, Black & White and now Yuvraj. This latest dish is one more fiasco. Inspite of quite a few right ingredients, the actual dish falls flat on the plate…I mean on its face. Great cinematography by Kabir Lal, good music by AR Rahman-Gulzar combo but still something is amiss. The storyline is extremely weak and the characters not well etched. The great locales and music score manages to give one visual and aural pleasures but the film doesnt leave you with anything to take back. Wish these exotic locales and music scores could be made affordable to some upcoming talents who know the art of telling the simplest of stories in a soulful way. Afterall it’s the art of storytelling that takes any film to a different level altogether. And btw, one more time Katrina Kaif has proved that she looks breathtakingly beautiful till she keeps her mouth shut!

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