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Its unbelievable how a new possession that you’ve been wanting for a long time can make you feel. Especially something that aids newer experiences and further possessions. Right now, I’m talking about my new DSLR- something that I have been dreaming about for years but got to acquire only a week back thanks to my dear hubby. I was feeling kinda guilty spending a fortune on a camera. I knew that it will help me revive a long lost hobby but still ‘it’s just a camera and it will just take pictures’, I told myself. Also, assessing the status of this non practiced hobby in me, I knew for sure that I’m far off from making a living out of it (at least for a long time). But still he insisted, emphasized on the creative aspect of it and very gingerly hinted towards my growing restlessness due to the monotony that I keep experiencing once in a while (actually more than that) due to the current scheme of things around me. So after some marathon discussions about possibilities, I gave in (oh-so-willingly- needless to mention!) and here I am a proud owner of my very first DSLR- Nikon D5000. It’s a beauty- I tell you!

After reading up and exploring some basic features of the camera in the confines of my home, I set out, today, to shoot in the city. With the camera bag hanging on my shoulder, sneakers and a sun hat, within no time I felt like an ace photographer. Something about holding an SLR…it made me feel powerful in a strange kinda way. The power to capture life around me the way I want it…the way I see it. Not that I’ve come back with a bunch of masterpieces, but still whatever I got makes me happy. And I think that’s what matters the most. After spending long hours outdoors, I’m enjoying being back  home, relaxing and going through the pictures I shot. I could not stop myself from sharing with my world, this new found joy so here I am blogging after a long gap. I’m not sure about the frequency of my posts, but for sure this blog is going to have a lot more visual element to it from now on.

Here are some pics that I shot today.





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