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You remind me of ‘Puck’ from Shakepeare’s ‘As you like it’. He is this imp with a perpetual mischievous, inscrutable grin. He has a mind that wanders into unknown realms and at the same time stays in touch with the moment. A menacing mind that is always up to menace. He lives in his thoughts.And most of them are so far away from reality that their distance reflects in his eyes. His eyes are like yours, like tranquil glass of white wine with an occasional sparkle ebbing at the surface. Eyes that are very deceptive… trying hard to conceal what lies beyond that brimming surface but then they do give in sometimes depending on who’s looking into them. They are the eyes of a dreamer…a lonely dreamer who blends in just to stand out.

I can almost see those steps that you gingerly take towards boyhood, looking for answers the books don’t seem to give ..wandering and exploring. The lines on your forehead curve to make an almost perfect frown as you explore astutely. You find things that you don’t like and then the things that you had dreamt of…you walk along collecting your clumsy self…picking up your color pencils and doodled scraps of paper…humming beatles and blowing out the dense smoke. Smoke that has almost acquired the rounded taste of your lungs. The taste that grows on you and keeps you going.

Time goes walk you fall you walk again and then all of an acid sudden, you see things and reach the lands that even your dreams didn’t take you to or probably had stopped taking you to. You get excited, almost in awe as the anxiety builds up. You come closer, take an intimate look…you touch them till you feel them running thru your veins…and then it happens. The magic. It happens at that moment and takes you away to a distant plane where the chill of the breeze and warmth of the sun blend miraculously and spread all over your skin almost like the centre of the cheese toast in your mouth. And you feel a feeling like never before… You glow with radiance, so brilliant that a few rays almost touch me as I look at you from a distance…. I too look lost in a far away land with a distant look in my eyes. I too feel the cheese toast melting in my mouth and taste the rounded flavour of your smoke. I too feel a feeling like never before. I look at you and I look at me and I wonder. I wonder if it’s the same insidious moment that we are caught in…the moment that they call ‘magic’


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