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Honestly speaking…

 …this is the first time, I’ve been given a badge of  this kind (or any kind for that matter) in blogosphere. Thanks KG for passing it on. I have come across some blogs and seen badges being passed around but never really paid much heed to it until now. As I  attempt to write this post, I realise that these badges, probably, are a form of acknowledgement and friendship in this virtual space. A kinda HR tool designed to instill a sense of belonging and to help bring different members of a particular community together in order to enjoy and thrive.


  So here is a list of 10 honest things about me-

1. Motherhood has put me in my place, literally! I used to be very impatient, self-centered, stubborn brat. My mother will vouch for this.

2. I  feel that there is some talent in me that I’m yet to discover. 😀

3. A day, without at least two cups of good leaf tea, is no less than a torture for me. 

4. I’m extremely moody. I can do strange things depending on my mood-o-meter.

5. I break into rashes under certain conditions of stress and cold.

6. I sing when in crisis, doubt  or tension. I sometimes sing otherwise too without caring much about the effect it has on people. 

7. I secretly desire to be a stage artist.

8. I find cooking, rearranging closets and window shopping therapeutic.

9. I value some relationships in life very much and can go to any extent for people who matter to me.

10. I can NOT resist good food, no matter what.

Already 10? So there it was . I said it.

Here are a few blogs that I would like to tag-


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Now let me see if I can think of a badge and pass it on. Meanwhile, happy blogging !


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