Happy Birthday to US!

Apart from the countless other things, I feel there is something very special that Ma n I share. Our birth dates. I think each mom is blessed with two. A day when she is born as a baby and the other when her baby is born.

When I became a mother for the first time, my life changed. Forever. Today, as I enter the 32nd year of my existence, I feel this urge to know more about my own mother before I came into her life. So I guess there is one more addition to this years checklist. Amongst so many other facets that interest me one that stands out is her worrying nature. Mom’s a worrier..always worried about bro n I. Food…clothes…travel…work you name it and she would be ready with at least ten potent questions about things that possibly could go wrong and how we should always have a back up plan. I wonder if she was the same before becoming a mother. Did she worry? What did she worry about? Was she always good at finding things to worry about? I wonder.

Another birthday musing that I’m tempted to share today is the story of my birth. Ma says she overate while expecting me…she put on some obscene amount of weight and contrary to everyone’s expectation, I turned out to be this super tiny baby..probably tinier than the mothercare tiny baby range. Apparently unlike the quintessential loving mother, Ma cried as she held me in her arms for the first time. And mind you those were not ‘khushi ke aansoo‘. She was wondering where did the tons of ghee, badaam etc, that she religiously hogged on each day of those nine months, disappear?
It’s amazing how till today I listen to this same story year after year with the same enthusiasm and awe.

But I wonder how life would’ve changed for Ma ever since this day 32 years back or shall we say 32 years+9 months? I would’ve changed some basic definitions for her after my grand (read tiny) entry in her life. Things like ‘me – time’, ‘hot food’, ‘warm chai‘ would have been promptly replaced by ‘no- time, ‘cold lunch’ and ‘cold re-heated chai‘, I’m sure. The crisp cotton sarees that she loves so much must have gone on a sabbatical for good few years. How many more alterations did she make each day to make sure that I fit right in?

The inconveniences that we learn to overlook, the reservoirs of patience that we discover within ourselves, the true realization of our potential to love unconditionally. I think these are the first few traits that set us mothers apart from others… πŸ™‚ So here’s to ‘US’ Ma on our most special day!! Happy Birthday to US!


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  1. 1

    Natasha said,

    Absolutely great to see you writing, Adi. Glad you are keeping up the promise we made to ourselves and each other.
    Touching thoughts. Keep them coming.
    More power to you on your special day!

  2. 3

    Sonika(sonu) said,

    adi..each n every word that u pen down touches my heart….god bless u..keep writing gurl!….miss the gud old days….wish I cud get them back…but nevertheless…lets make some awesome new ones….frens forever!….cheers!

    • 4

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      miss those days too Sonu..but so good to be in touch!! Glad that you liked this post…’twas so heartfelt!

  3. 5

    Rajiv said,

    The idea of rebirth as a mother is ingenuous and novel, and forces itself in one’s mind as food for thought.
    BTW, you don’t need to wonder did mom worry about us before her “rebirth”. Just replace you and mom with avi and you. Do you worry now? Did you worry before? I think you may be able to get an answer.
    Regarding the second last para, I’m not very sure ma would have undergone such changes after your grand entry. Love, after all, adds warmth in subtle ways. And yes, it truly adds the inconveniences that you learn to overlook, the reservoirs of patience that you discover within yourselves, the true realization of your potential to love unconditionally.

  4. 7

    saman said,

    babal,,real nice n innovative one….brought tears to my eyes…absolutely agree wth the no time, cold – lunch and cold reheated chai…we understand dse sacrifices made by our moms only after becoming one,,…a great piece of writing to celebrate d day when u arrived into this world via the most precious medium ur MA…love to both!

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