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My wild child

You’re a replica of your dad
Most people say so
But I see a lot of me in you
As you come & go
You prance around the whole household
With the cutest impish smile
Watch out for the fan-following
As you grow up my wild child

There are times I just don’t get your unpredictable ways
But with most men in my life, that has always been the case
When I think you want a snack, u zoom out for a run
You think it’s a cool thing to do but for me it ain’t no fun

You’re obsessive about a few things and don’t care about most others
A real frightful situation for your poor mother
Day in and day out you want to wear the same jacket
If refused in any way, you create a big racket
Cars and Mickey Mouse are the current love of your life
If this is going to be the degree of your obsession, then god save your future wife

Your lisp is cute for most people around
But I could really do with some clarity of sound
Let me tell you something as you turn three today
From the time I conceived you in early 2007 May

You’ve been hard work my sweetheart
Most patient persons’ nightmare come true
But I just can’t help it baby
I still crazily love you

Happy Birthday Anshie!!!



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