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In search of company

I really wish I had something more exciting to tell my husband when he asked me with a twisted eyebrow after getting back home from work last evening- ‘ where did u go with that interesting eye makeup?’
(interesting eye make up= silver grey kohl that I picked up over the weekend)

I tried making up a story, which he lost interest in even before I started.

So, I was left wondering about these two things- ‘why did I spend about a grand on an eye pencil?’
‘why did I use such an exclusive color to go to a supermarket for my routine fruits n veg pick up?’
I’ll skip the slew of other existential questions that these two potentially non threatening ones managed to generate.

But then why be on this quest of looking for logic in almost everything possible..why not just accept and gladly so, that some things are done spontaneously just for the thrill of doing them…if its largely harmless and manages to put a smile on your lips and that twinkle in your kohl-lined eyes..then isn’t it totally worth it? (Conditions apply.)

And may be I’m not only woman/mom who does things like these? Tell me that I have company!


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On a spiritual note

It is beautiful weather…finally in this banjar land called Gurgaon that I’ve inhabited couple of months back. It had been overcast for more than 36 hours but the overcast sky of Gurgaon looks very different from the images that most sane minds would conjure up. The insanely crazy amount of dust in this region contributes significantly in tarnishing the romantic beauty associated with it. So to be more precise, an overcast sky of Gurgaon looks more like a big ball of dust hanging above our heads ready to burst and less like the quintessential white fluffy cloud filled sky that makes you search for patterns in them. The difference is so stark that you consider the possibility of ‘it raining dust’ instead of water. Add to this a visibility of not more than 500 mts and you are all set to welcome the monsoons.

So, I had been ready to welcome the monsoons for more than 36 hours.  It was like a long pregnant pause before the clouds decided to let go and set free those life saving tiny droplets that probably were themselves suffocated in those heavily dust-laden clouds that they were trapped in and the result was – the intoxicated ‘saundhi-saundhi’ aroma of the freshly-wet, long-parched earth followed by miraculously plummeting effect on the dust levels and not to mention the humanly bearable weather at the end of it all.

First time in the last two months, I stepped out in the balcony at 6’o clock in the evening and instead of quickly rushing back in (which I was prepared to do holding the door with one hand), I let go of the door, dared to touch the not so dusty railing of the balcony, leaned over and took a deep breath. If I could run some tests right then, I’m convinced that I could prove how seriously ‘fresh-air’ deprived I was. I had almost forgotten what ‘wind in you hair’ phrase means any more so it was a nearly divine experience to feel that cool breeze in my face,hair and lungs. I was overwhelmed and enormosly thankful to God  for making me experience the weather that I used to take for granted just about 3 months back in the tropical landscapes of Panama.

‘India makes you spiritual’, said a friend some time back. I didn’t quite get it at that time but today, as I was thanking the almighty profusely for the lovely rains and the cool breeze, I realised what that phrase had actually meant. The thanking process, the gratefulness quotient for the most basic of things achieves an all time high in India taking you to new spiritual altitudes. We are thankful for each day of survival. For not getting oggled at, mugged, catching a deadly virus, choking with the pollution and dust or simply for not passing out in this insanely roaring heat. They say discomfort is the first step towards the attainment of the divine. I’ve taken the first step. The divine intervention is eagerly awaited.

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