wish me luck

August has been eventful. There are plenty of things that I can write about but somehow I’m not able to bring myself to do it. I’m inertia struck or something. It happens to me once in a while. The words float in my head all jumbled up and I struggle to arrange them into a format that is legible so that I can decipher them, punch my keyboards and share them with friends and family. But this time around, its taking way too long. Does it happen with others too? How do you overcome it? Any suggestions? Anyway, I guess till the struggle is on and I do not succeed in taming this chaos of words in my head, there will be drought in this space. Wish me luck. Sigh!


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    KG said,

    it happens and happens quite often to me too. At times like these I just wait and read a lot. When you read, your mind responds in the form of opinions and emotions. And if the book you are reading is a great one, or your kind of book, it will stir up thoughts, and realign all those jumbled up words into sentences and a nice new blog post will be born. 😀
    Ok enuff gyan. 😀

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    Indy said,

    Oh man does this happen? Yes it does and sometimes I have opted out of blogging9been doing it 5 years0 but now I find it is better to just give it a few days or week’s rest, and get on with life till the urge to write grips you! usually something happens in ur life that u can’t wait to share…so take it easy! It will be Ok!:)

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    Raiv said,

    The lack of words doesn’t mean a lack of thoughts, it is the inertia thats stops u from putting in the effort.. But once your state of mind changes, and u get in the groove, putting in effort becomes effortless..
    U don’t need a good luck wish because I know U will arrive at that state of mind without the wish.. One always does return to her predominant state..

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