Dev Anand on a Sunday afternoon

My first ever crush was on Dev Anand. I remember being awe struck with this charming man while watching ‘Paying Guest’ on Doordarshan many years back. Please do not make judgements about my age here. Just that I’ve grown up in company of family and friends who have been deeply into old Hindi movies, especially the songs and somehow as far as good hindi songs are concerned, DA does take the cake. Most of the songs picturised on him are classic. Every Hindi oldies lover will agree with me on this one. Any music collection is incomplete without ‘The best of Dev Anand’ CD in it. I know there are many more good actors and many more lovely songs but somehow I cannot help but be partial towards this man who made my heart race at an age which my daughter is going to reach within a matter of few years (now that’s a pretty scary thought!) 

This Sunday afternoon has been about the realisation that I still cannot take my eyes off  DA while watching some of my favourite songs picturised on him. It’s very difficult to pick a few of his songs from amongst the hundreds of them but I’m going to go ahead and select a few that made my growing-up years beautiful and can still perk me up on a dry, hot Sunday afternoon like this. Hope you all enjoy them too.

1. Of all the heroines that DA was paired with, I liked Nutan the best. Her understated charm and elegance beautifully complimented DA’s flamboyance. This song with its interesting picturisation is a classic.

2. Another one with DA and Nutan in it. Noone can woo the way DA did. And please do not miss that black bandgala.

3. All time favourite. I feel Hemant Kumar’s voice complemented DA so well.

4. This one has an infectious energy about it.  Saman (a friend from school) and I used to sing it at the top of our voices while taking walks on the terrace.

5. For me, conversation between two lovers doesn’t get better than this.

6. I don’t know of too many people who can look this good in a simple black shirt. And I know how to get that fluffy hairstyle..have practiced it on my brother for years.

7. I feel this song was meant for DA. Love the whistling bit.

8. A song from ‘Manzil’ with one of my favourite pairs of Hindi cinema. And uncle, this one is specially for you. 🙂

There are so many more songs that I want to post and share trivia about but I guess I should leave it for another summer afternoon. There is no dearth of them anyways!


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  1. 1

    KG said,

    come to think of it, its true all of Dev Anand’s songs are hits and classics. Abhi na jao chor ke ke dil abhi bhara nahin…a personal fav of mine. But a crush? 😀 😀 I thought there was no one cuter than our own paaji- dharmender coz my dad looked like him back then. 😀

    • 2

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      If your dad looked like Dharmender then all I can say is like father like daughter- stunnig! 🙂

  2. 3

    Joe Pinto said,


    My dear Aditi,

    Dev Anand was one of my favourites too. Though I feel he benefitted having great singers “play back” for him and greater directors “picturise” his songs. This created the image of DA that we fell in love with.

    My favourite actors were Balraj Sahni and Sanjeev Kumar. Among the actresses I am not sure who I like better: Nutan or Waheeda Rehman? Nutan was better as an actress without the songs. Waheeda got better songs and picturisations because of Guru Dutt.

    Thank you, Aditi, for this singing post from Panama.

    Peace and love,
    – Joe.

    • 4

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      I’m so glad sir, that you liked this post! Balraj Sahni and Sanjeev kumar are two of the best actors that Indian cinema has had. Waheeda Rehman is an all time favourite. She has some absolutely beautiful songs in her basket and some equally good movies too. C.I.D., Pyasa, Kaagaz ke phool, Chaundavin ka chaand, Sahib Biwi aur Ghulam, Guide, Khamoshi ..the list is endless.

  3. 5

    Namas said,

    even i have been a die hard fan of Dev Anand…n the songs u mentioned are my all time favs…but never knew that u too like him so much..Surprise!!n hey,,thnks fr mentioning my name in the post….Long Live Dev Anand..the Evergreen Hero!

    • 6

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      Saman…how can you not remember that I was so crazy about DA? Actually I know why you don’t remember. He probably got overshadowed later, right? LOL…

  4. 7

    Namas said,

    Dear aditi

    I really enjoyed your post as i am a very old fan of DA. I agree with ur views about DA and his songs…U must add a song in this list which also happens to be my most favorite DA song, which is “Chupke se mile pyaase pyaase” from the movie Manzil, picturised with Nutan.

    Masroor Hasan (Saman’s abbu)

    • 8

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      Dear uncle,
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. When I was writing this post, I was in two minds about putting the song ‘chupke se mile’. Thank you for bailing me out of the conflict. I love that song myself. Hope you’re enjoying your newly acquired grandfather’s status. 🙂

  5. 10

    pooja nair said,

    Mazaa aa gaya!!! 😀

  6. 11

    Indy said,

    Dev Anand had such lovely songs in his movies, and You’ve picked some really nice one’s here! I also like the Teen deviyan numbers and the ones from Guide! Super blog by the way! Enjoyed your posts!:)

    • 12

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      Hi Indy..thanks for visiting my blog. Even I love songs of Teen Deviyan and Guide. I’m sure it’ll take a few more posts to do justice to DA’s songs.

  7. 13

    Rajiv said,

    No new blog since long… I am waiting..

    • 14

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      U mean new post…:)
      soon very soon….I’m repeating to you what I’ve been saying this to myself for quite some time.

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