Not without love

Yesterday, I watched ‘Straight’, a Hindi movie directed by Parvati Balagopalan (an acquaintance from Bombay). The film revolves around the protagonist, Pinu Patel (played by Vinay Pathak) a 30-something virgin living in London and his encounters while he looks for a perfect match. With quite a trite subject and some redundant performances, the film failed to engage me completely but it did give me my moments. I  liked the offset message that it carried with it. It brought forth the fact that a homosexual relationship, like any other relationship, is primarily driven by love. It was refreshing to see homosexuals, that have largely been an object of ridicule in the popular Bollywood, being portrayed with some sensible sensitivity.  To an audience that thrives on Bollywood, Hindi movies have presented the physical mechanics between homosexuals in a format that has somehow prevented them from seeing beyond the conjured up images. We sometimes tend to overlook the fact homosexuals just like any one else also fall in love. And the cupid is definitely not biased! When it strikes, it brings along the same amount of euphoria, same level of dopamine and the same intoxicated pain with it.

Today, India has finally revamped its law for homosexuals. You can read more about it over here. It is now legal for homosexual men and women in India to disclose and enjoy their relationships openly. Groups of homosexuals thronged the streets of Delhi to celebrate and rejoice. According to the earlier law, any homosexual relationship was a punishable crime that could have led to over 10 years of imprisonment for the accused. I cringe at the thought of the trauma that several Indians must have gone through over the years. I look at this revamped law as a giant step towards a healthier society and in turn a more productive one. As Pinu Patel reiterates in the film- ‘we all should refuse to live without love!’. Let us hope from today, we will have many more Indians believing in it. Bravo!


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    Rajiv said,

    Read ur post today.. Quite surprised to find out that after i m the first one to comment after nearly a week..

    In 1991, India ushered in an a series of ecomomic reforms, but if India repeals Article 377(that is most likely to be the case), indeed is an antiquated Victorian law, it would take a huge step towards social liberalization.

    The value based judgement of society should raise rise above the tenets like “Its against the nature” and realize that a rational definition of crime should exist in the Indian penal code that draws a correct line between harm caused to others and a person’s right of freedom of expression. Bollywood is doing a good job in altering this value based judgement of the society.

    Social aspect is a very important for a person’s psychological well being. Maybe, now those not-so-straight can also be happy, and yes, gay!

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    Rajiv said,

    And yes, about the point that love is present despite a person’s sexual orientation; well, this was also depicted in the movie brokeback mountain. I remember half of the theatre went empty till the interval – it depicts the taboo that pervades this society.
    Maybe this is the taboo only that explains my surprise on not seeing comment on this post. But kudos to you. Qulaity is not achieved if one limits his perspective based on notions…

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    lilmorethanamommy said,

    Yea..I remember the hullabaloo around Brokeback Mountain. Freedom of expression is as basic as food and shelter. Thanks for your feedback.

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