I like I like..

Today is one of the days when I rely on writing a post like this to bring in some sunshine in my life. Here is a list of things that make me happy. As I write, I hope that thinking about so many nice things will somehow lift up my rather sagging spirits-
I like it when- 
1. I’m the last person to get into the lift.
2. it starts to rain the moment I enter the house after a umbrella -less walk (though getting wet in the rain is also on my list!)
3.  my daughter finishes all the broccoli in her plate without any fuss.
4.  my son sleeps through the night and lets me sleep in return. 🙂
5.  the tea made by others (also!) tastes perfect.
6. I receive long distance calls from family and friends.
7. I see 50% off on the pair of shoes that I’ve been eyeing at the mall.
8. peasant tops come into vogue just when my waistline starts disappearing.
9. I cook a nice bihari meal.
10. I can run that extra mile.
11.  the weighing scale shows a few grams lesser.
12. I get to open a nicely wrapped present knowing that it’s for me.
13. I go through some old photographs and am reminded of something new and interesting.
14. I receive a nice long e mail from a friend.
15. I write a nice long e mail to a friend.
16.  I come across a superb movie while tele surfing precisely at the time when I’m free for next two hours (very very rare).
17.  I start reading a book and discover that I don’t want it to end.
18.  I am able to remember the words to a tune that has been playing in my head for a long time.
19. the weather turns out to be perfect on the day of the picnic.
20. my hair decides to behave itself.
21. I find a dress that makes me look ‘oh-so-thin’  without making my wallet thin.
22. I reconnect with a long lost friend.
23. I receive a comment on my post.
These make me happy too-
21. long walks.
22. getting wet in the rain.
23. making cocktails for friends.
24. wearing sarees.
25. surprises.
26. window shopping.
27. driving on the freeway with obscenely loud music.
28. taking pictures.
29. writing a post!
Well,  there are many more things like -that glass of wine, that bar of dark chocolate, that piece of tiramisu, those candlelight dinners, bright red roses etc. that make me feel nice and warm. But I shall end my list here and guess what..  I’m already feeling a little bright. Quoting  KG who gave me the idea to write this post..’go ahead make your own list and gloat!’ 🙂

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  1. 1

    Rajiv said,

    Let me be the second one to make you happy w.r.t to this post. (The first one is you, since you wrote it)
    This post would’ve definitely made u feel better, after realizing there are so many stuff in life that lifts ur spirits.. And it has made me inclined towards making my own list also!
    Will mail you after preparing it!

  2. 2

    Namas said,

    ur post reminds me of one of my favourite songs in the movie”Sound of Music”-my favourite things..

  3. 4

    reminds me of ‘favourite things’ from The Sound of Music:-)

    When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When i’f feeling sad
    I simply remeber my favourite things
    And then i dont feel so bad.

  4. 6

    sorry. noticed the comment just above mine only after mine got posted.

  5. 8

    Namas said,

    hey,,i thought that the song had inspired u for the post.

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