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A 330-200

A 330-200

It was an unusually sad morning for me. As I settled in front of the television to get my morning dope on the world around me, I found out about the Air France flight AF 447 that has been missing. All the news channels were flooded with stories about this missing craft, an Airbus 330-200 which was carrying 216 passengers and 12 crew members. The plane took off from Galeão Airport in Rio de Janeiro at 7:30 p.m. local time and was scheduled to arrive at Paris’s  Charles de Gaulle airport at 11:10 a.m. local time. Four hours after taking off, the aircraft was incommunicado. It reported of some electrical failure in its last contact with the base station.

 Airbus 330  is considered to be one of the safest aircraft with state of the art machinery. The pilot in this particular aircraft was very experienced with 11,000 flying hours  including 1,100 hours on Airbus 330 jets to his credit.

Picture this! The safest of aircraft being flown by the most astute pilot vanishes in thin air. Inspite of several intelligence groups at work, it cannot be traced in this day and age of technological boom. There are chances that the lives of those 228 people inside the aircraft will go totally untraced. 

It takes a lot of effort from me to accept the finality of a catastrophe like this. It leaves no room for hope or rearrangement of possibilities. Life presents itself  in a conflicting format- fragile yet devastating. No matter how many high flying charades this new age technology manages to create around us, there are times and circumstances that make us feel primeval. In times like these, I grope for my most basic of instincts that reinforce my faith in a power beyond the man-made ones. I look inwards and find beliefs to hold on to. The chances of them letting me down are certainly fewer than the sci fi paraphernalia around me.  I hope and pray that  the intelligence agencies at work are able to trace the Air France aircraft AF 447 and the lives of those 228 people who boarded it about 18 hours back.


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    Vivek said,

    Tragic. You capture it well – “It leaves no room for hope or rearrangement of possibilities”

  2. 2

    Rajiv said,

    Tragic, indeed, are such incidents.

    Aviation technology, unlike many other technologies, can’t afford to allow any room for mistake whatsoever, cuz any mistake always result in total fatality.

    But technology is the creation of human beings, and no such creation can be perfect, any such one off incident just makes us realize that we all are just human.

    And whenever such a tragedy strikes, helplessness is the only feeling we have, and the pride that a rational being takes over the stupendous success of technological advancements made by the human race receives a major jolt.

  3. 3

    Pooja Nair said,

    I am stunned by the news too. Really shocking!

    But I dnt see this as a scoring point for the super natural. 🙂

    If i beleive in a supreme power, then i will have to believe that this supreme power decided the fates of these passengers too.

    if so, then this superpower is highly unfair in its actions.

    So why should we place our faith in the super natural?

    I have simply learnt to accept that random things happen in the world and in our lifes. No single entity is responsible for them.

    However, no harm in believing in the super-natural if it comforts you.

    But, as I see it, the faith of the 200 odd passsengers on that flight did not help them. (some of them may have been aethists but not all 216 na?)

    To each his own…

    Good to see a new post from you after a while! 🙂

    • 4

      lilmorethanamommy said,

      Dear Pooja, I agree with you that if I believe in super natural, then I have to believe and accept that he decided the collective fate of those 216 passengers. This post was a result of an extremely emotional side of me outraged with this sudden disappearence of a normal aircraft. Classic case of ‘where logic ends, faith begins’. I guess I was secretly hoping and praying for some miracle. Reading your comment felt like talking to my alter ego. 🙂
      Gearing up to post more frequently!!

  4. 5

    Joe Pinto said,

    I am happy, Aditi, that you have raised this issue of the super-natural. We all ask the question “Why?” in the face of such accidents.

    Like Pooja, I too “have simply learnt to accept that random things happen in the world and in our lives.” No need to invoke the super-natural. But again, “no harm in believing in the super-natural, if it comforts you.”

    Shahid Bhagat Singh would, however, disagree with us. In an essay, “Why I am an atheist?” which he wrote in jail before the British imperialists murdered him, Bhagat Singh stands up for reason, without a capital “R”.

    The Bhagat Singh website has the essay online:
    See: www,

    Warm regards,
    – Joe.

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