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It was the first time for me. I watched a movie at a theatre in Panama with a hint of India in it. It took me thru this whole gamut of emotions that I experienced for the first time. These emotions had been playing hide n seek with me in the last six months of my stay in this alien land but the intensity with which they came over as I walked out of the theatre was almost frightening.

Though Slumdog Millionaire largely shows a part of India that I have not experienced very closely, but still it managed to take me back to those crowded streets of Mumbai sitting in an auto rickshaw. The movie was largely in english but  the slightest trace of  hindi made me jump up and smile ear to ear. The music score and songs stirred up some recessive corners of my heart.  I walked out of the theatre after the end credits and the Jai Ho song with brimming eyes that hungrily searched for a trace of the familiar.  Instead, all they could see was the alien chaos. Blonde women, spanish signages,  food stalls with no samosas, no sign of a churidar kurta clad girl, not a word of hindi from anywhere.

 The strong air conditioning blended perfectly with the cold feeling that had begun to set  in. Suddenly it struck me. The whole patriotic spiel that I had been fed on over the years rang in my ears blocking out every other noise. They were the same words that I had heard umpteen times while attending those Independence and Republic day functions at school and while overhearing the blaring television at home. The words, that always hovered around my ears but never managed to make their way to my heart, suddenly presented themselves in their full glory. I felt it for the first time. I felt Indian.


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Euphoria. Many people have written about this feeling, this state of mind called euphoria. I’ve come across newspapers, magazines, journals, supplements, coffee table books talking about it and have found myself peeking into those articles, secretly hoping that the feeling would actually rub off on me just by looking at the words that communicate it. Somehow, I never doubted its potency. Right now, as I write and feel it through my veins, it acquires a whole new meaning altogether.

What makes me euphoric? Quite a few things. My children and their antics definately top the list but there is one more thing that comes a close second. And that is those wonderful times spent with some wonderful people.

We all have our lives to live and then there are people we share this life with. The people around us are not always chosen by us. Sometimes they are there by default. People like our grandparents, parents and relatives. They have always been there. They chose us long before we could choose them.  Not that I’m complaining though given a choice I would have definately liked to tweak a few of them a wee bit. But then, there are also a bunch of people that we choose to share this life with. They are the ones we largely refer to as friends.

Friend, a word that invokes a range of emotions in each one of us. Emotions that transcend the boundaries of caste, colour, culture, community,region etc and makes two people connect in a way that only this emotion can. It helps us extend ourselves to our optimum capacity. It presents a deeply embedded part of us in a more tangible format in front of our eyes. It gives us a sneak preview into those hidden corners deep within us that we somtimes overlook in haste. It somewhere completes us.

This one is for all those wonderful people who I proudly call my friends. 

You all came into my life at diffrent stages and became a part of my being. If I were to break into pieces, I’ll have a piece of each one of you. I hope, dream and pray that we get to relive those wonderful moments together all over again! In reality this time and not just in virtual spaces.    


Hurry up don’t let sunlight go to waste
Grab your coat and we’ll make our clean getaway
We’re just gonna leave behind
These worry machines we call our minds
Run off to the sea
Watch the sunlight kick of the diamond waves
Freedom , it’s calling , it’s calling
Freedom, our light’s we’re golden
Freedom, from everything
Chasing waves as the seagulls cry and dive
Kicking sand as the crazy man rides by
Talking ’bout the end of the world
Wish he’d take a break and live for right now
“cause we understand, that this moment is all that we have
Freedom , it’s calling , it’s calling
Freedom, our light’s we’re golden
Freedom, from everything
When the tightrope won’t stop shaking
And opinion starts to wear you down
Time to pull our secret weapon on out
And laugh these bullets right from our hearts

Thank you for making me feel this way. Priceless. 














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Just a thought

The better you get to know yourself, the closer you get to happiness. Happiness of the long lasting kind. The real quest is to get closer to your own self. The quest is eternal. Goes on till the last day of your life. One can not change that. But the sooner one begins, the better it is.
I think one of the highlights of good upbringing is to facilitate this quest in one’s child. Provide, stimulate or if the need be even orchestrate circumstances and situations that help your child discover his true self. The better he knows himself, the surer he will be of the choices he makes. Afterall, at the end of the day, everyone is a sum of one’s choices.

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